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Mission Statement

The SAO's mission is to advance the profession of osteopathic manual therapy by unifying its members and educating the public.  The SAO is committed to setting the standards of manual osteopathic practice in Saskatchewan specific to osteopathic therapy, but its practice demands the body be addressed as a whole unit and consideration be given to all of its components: Body, Mind, and Spirit.


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International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

April 17 - 23, 2023

In Saskatchewan, the title Osteopath is no longer protected by the Health Professions Act. This means that anyone can claim to be an osteopath or osteopathic manual practitioner. Please watch our video for some insight - brought to you by the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths.



What is Osteopathy? What and who do Osteopaths work on? In this short video these questions are answered.
Brought to you by the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths: